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Rocco 2 .png

This image is an example of a BAD image as it is side on to the camera.

unnamed new.png
Reggie 1.jpg

This image is an example of a Very Good image as it is front on to the camera and very clear.

  • Select or take a photo in daylight or a room that is well lit.

  • No crazy technology is needed - a smartphone or digital
    camera will give great results.

  • Make sure the whole face and neck or full body are in shot.

  • Make sure their eyes are ESPECIALLY clear and visible.

  • Please do not use filtered photos as this will distort the color
    and your portrait won’t look natural.


  • Ideal photos have the pet looking directly at the camera at
    eye-level and facing forward. This is a best-case scenario photo

    for our illustrations but we will happily work with other pictures.

  • The illustration will be based upon the position in the photo
    submitted and cannot be creatively altered.


  • We assume collars are desired in photos and automatically
    include them. If you would prefer that we remove the collar or tag,
    please make a note of it at checkout. 


  • If you would like other objects included in your illustration,
    please include them in the photo submitted and let us know
    that you would like them kept in the illustration.


  • We do not add objects in or change the expression
    on your pet's face as it looks fake.


  • Just as humans look different in photos, so do our pets.
    Each design is unique and original so there are slight variations
    in the style of each individual pet portrait.


  • We do not use apps to create your illustration.
    They are digitally and individually created by a human. 

Still not sure? Email us after purchase and we will  let you know.