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Sixteen years ago a chance visit to a pet shelter led me to find one of the greatest loves of my life. It was a little blonde terrier mix that undeniably picked me. 7 days later I was heading home with 'Sonny' in my arms and before I knew it he had changed my world.


Sonny opened my heart to animal causes and animal adoption became one of my greatest passions.   

Custom Pet Portraits
Custom Pet Portraits


My life is now filled with Reggie; a Beagle cross who is the most disobedient, food-obsessed escape artist and Rocco; a Meximut found on the streets of Ensenada, Mexico with an untreated broken leg.


Rocco is the sleepiest dog that ever lived and came to me fluent in Spanish, ready for cuddles.

He was my motivation for starting Spanish lessons and he fueled my lifelong desire to help abandoned animals find their forever homes. 

Rehoming abandoned street animals has become one of my greatest passions in life and my unrealistic desire to 'save them all' led me to create

fuzzy face - pet illustrations with purpose. 


I always wanted to make a difference in the lives of street animals but the unexpected icing on the cake is when I see pet owners smile when they see their fuzzy face illustration. 

Custom Pet Portraits
Custom Pet Portraits
Custom Pet Portraits


Reggie, Pippa & Rocco 

Custom Pet Portraits


A fuzzy face - pet illustration with purpose is a gift with purpose. Your custom pet portrait directly helps animal shelters and their abandoned residents find their forever homes.

By donating directly to our rescue partners around the globe, this chance at love and life becomes a reality.


creating change with fuzzy face - pet illustrations with purpose is my dream come true and I thank you for helping change the lives of animals that are less fortunate than our own. 



Pet lover & Founder

Custom Pet Portraits


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Wunderdog Magazine

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Wunderdog is an independent magazine for underdogs and wonderdogs.

Wunderdog tells the stories of rescue dogs and their people. Find plenty of very good dogs and humans, whose stories will inspire you to get involved and hug your own rescue dog(s) even more.

We publish a beautiful print magazine twice a year, and we continuously post additional stories on this website.

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